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The Youth Global Internship Program is designed for individuals who are interested in being part of a global learning environment. Those open minded individuals who wish to develop their professional skills in a unique manner, who understand the value of an international experience and wish to explore new career options, by acknowledging all the opportunities life has to offer before they surrender to the mundane realities of the worldly rat race. The program is flexibly designed because we understand the value of time in a young person’s life. YGIP is more than a job opportunity, it is a unique leadership experience in an international environment.


For an International professional leadership development experience.

  • International: Present in more than 124 countries and territories. The program endeavors to choose a unique experience suited for your potential and skills.
  • Professional: Working with a multinational, small or medium size enterprise, participants get a global perspective on their academic field. Learn how businesses are run in a complex, interconnected world.
  • Leadership: Hone your leadership skills to be able to be part of and lead teams in an international environment..
  • Development: Develop your hard skills in a strong global professional network, your CV, various language skills and in areas that are of your interest e.g. traveling, photography, teaching etc.

Eligibility (Generic)

  • Must be less than 30 years of age
  • Have a global mindset
  • Ability to afford fees, travel fare, VISA costs etc.
  • Work experience is a plus
  • Strong communication skills
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Must be a current upper year student, recent graduate or a young professional
  • Be open to time duration of internships
  • Must be open to country/ geo-location of the internship
  • Must be aligned with the ‘Why’ and values of AIESEC
  • A masters degree is a plus

Global IT Internships

This program guarantees a professional experience like none other, where participants will learn more than just how to apply their IT skills; they will get an overall exposure about how different countries are utilizing technology and be a part of exciting projects in new international environments.

Eligibility (Specific):

Have a background in IT, with strong IT skills
OR: have a background in Engineering
Ability to speak a foreign language: especially Japanese or Spanish, Portuguese, French, German is a plus

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Global Teaching Internships

This program is quite diverse and has a lot to offer. As there is a growing demand for teachers in the world, this program is also the most flexible and has a variety of destinations to choose from – whether you want to teach children, youth or adults, or whether you wish to work in English teaching, Subject education or Corporate education, you will find the right internship for you.

Eligibility (Specific):

Have a background in teaching or related to teaching & linguistics
Experience in teaching is a plus
Ability to speak a foreign language: Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German is a plus

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Global Marketing Internships

The Global Marketing Program is designed for people interested in marketing and communication-. The job roles are very diverse; however most positions are open for people interested in sales development.

Eligibility (Specific):

Previous full-time work experience is important.
Academic background in marketing is a plus.
Masters degree will be helpful in getting a quicker and easier placement.
Ability to speak a foreign language like Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German is important and can lead to faster placement

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Global Management Internships

The Global Management Program is designed for people interested in developing their business acumen. Participants will be working in multinationals, SMEs and start-ups, getting hands on experience about how business is done and run in these international organizations.

Eligibility (Specific):
Have a background business administration, economics, accounting or finance
A lot of experience is not required, however some work experience; at least an internship or a part-time job experience is needed to be applicable for this program
A masters degree is a plus
Ability to speak a foreign language like Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German etc. is important and can lead to faster placement.

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Application Process

  • Onllne Registration
    Register here
  • Networking Seminar (NS)
    Attend a networking seminar which is organized to inform you about the program and answer any questions you have.
  • Onllne Eligibility Test
    Once you are confident about the program, understand AIESEC and our organizational purpose and get ready to take the online eligibility test. The link of the test shall be sent to you after your attendance at the NS. The cost of each test will be Rs.500 and payment can only be made online.
  • Personal Interview or Review Board
    Based on the scores from the test, the applicant will be called for a personal interview at the end of which the contract will be signed and raising fee will be collected.
  • Congratulations
    Once you pass the formal interview you will be ready to be put on our official system. You will be asked to create a new CV or video application depending on the country and job you are applying to.

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How much does the program cost?

The programme fee is paid in two installments. The first is paid at the time of registration, prior to signing the contract. And the second installment is paid after an internship has been confirmed. The fee schedule is attached below.
  Teaching Professional IT & Engineering Professional Marketing & Mass communication Professional Business Administration professional
1st Installment 6,000 8,000 8,000 8,000
2nd Installment paid on the basis of duration of the internship the applicant is
matched to.
2-3 months 6,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
3-6 months 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000
6-12 months 6,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
12+ months 6,000 12,000 12,000 12,000

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! Upon completion of your internship you will get a certificate from the local AIESEC chapter in your home country and the organization you have been working for.

Can my friend/friends and I go for this internship together?

There might be a very small chance that two people can take an AIESEC experience together but there is no guarantee of the same. AIESEC believes in diversity and we believe and encourage students to take this up alone as it ensure a more intense individual experience and helps you get out of your comfort zone. We strongly suggest taking up the Youth Global Internship Program alone. We will ensure you have a fantastic experience and make new international friends for life!

Do I receive a refund if I am not able to find a suitable internship?

The fee is collected by AIESEC in two payments. The fee collected at the time of registration is not refundable if you are not able to find a suitable internship or decide to withdraw from the programme. The remaining fee is only collected when the applicant has been selected for an internship. Further, We assure that students who enrol with us get full guidance and support, along with access to AIESEC's platform and network of internship experiences in 113+ countries.

Who will help me in the host country?

AIESEC has its local committees in 113 countries. The internship experience is based in the nearest local committee of the project chosen. The members in local committee present in the host country will organize for your accommodation, pick up from airport/ station, show you around the city and accompany you to work on your first day. In addition, they will integrate you into their activities; organize events for you and the other interns. The members will help you get accustomed to the people, culture in the host country. If there should be any problems, there will always be someone to help you. We will also be in contact with you and support you in every way possible.

Why choose an international internship over an internship in India ?

Because through our Youth Global Internship Programme you will not only receive the benefits of a regular internship, but in addition gain a diverse and international team experience, develop a global mindset, entrepreneurial outlook and become a Global citizen. It is a unique experience and cannot be compared with an internship in India. Being a participant of YGIP, you also get exposure to AIESEC's network of corporates and universities.

Is there a selection procedure?

AIESEC has a very robust selection procedure for the applicants who register for the Youth Global Internship Programme. The selection procedure is designed to test a variety of characteristics like professional qualification, flexibility, global mindset and English fluency of the applicant etc. Please find below the selection process, however be advised that it may differ between local chapters. selection-procedure

What does AIESEC not provide interns?

AIESEC does not offer you tailor made internships as a product, that is, it does not provide you a particular internship in a particular country. AIESEC is present in 113+ countries in the world and has a number of opportunities for students to choose from. A student enrolling in the Youth Global Internship Programme should be flexible and accommodative with the various internship experiences available in a variety of countries. Every applicant however, will be given a choice of internships in various countries to choose from before he/she makes his/her decision. Further, AIESEC does not provide you with a permanent placement or opportunity to immigrate to any country. All internships are for a fixed period of time and the intern will be expected to return to their home country on completion of their internship.

What does AIESEC offer students in the youth global internship program?

AIESEC offers you a platform to find an internship experience of your choice. The members in the organization provide guidance and assistance throughout the course of your association with AIESEC. The members will ensure you are inducted into the organization, help you search and find the internship experience of your choice, assist you with documents and visa processes, ensure you are fully prepared for the experience in the country you have chosen. The AIESEC host committee, will guide and assist you once you reach the host country. The host country will make sure of the pickup, accommodation, internship experience and all other networking events with other interns working with you.

Who can go on a YGIP internship?

Any student who is in their final year of university, is a recent graduate or a young working professional can go on a YGIP internship.


Tens of thousands of students and fresh graduates each year in over 113 countries manage an organization that facilitates a huge number of international exchanges. These exchanges have an aim to provide young people with an experience that helps them understand cultures other than their own.

We believe that being a part of this global community, taking these management and leadership opportunities and having a chance to learn and question our roles in the society gives us, as AIESECers, a bit of power and direction in becoming agents of change and equips us with skills that can impact our society positively.

A.I.E.S.E.C. was originally an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales. AIESEC is no longer used as an acronym but simply as the name of the organization.

AIESEC was founded way back in 1948 in 7 countries in Europe. Now, more than 60 years later we’re present in over 113 countries and territories, and are still growing.

Since its foundation, AIESEC has been entirely youth-led. Every single year, new leadership teams are elected from the membership at every level of the international association.

We have over 1,000,000 alumni who’ve been through an ‘AIESEC Experience’, many of whom have gone on to do incredible things. Our alumni include leaders within business, global politicians and even a Nobel Peace Laureate.